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Towards a semiotic inquiry into the television message 28.01.2013
Artistic Considerations in the Use of Motion Tracking with Live Performers: a Practical Guide 28.01.2013
Human visual recognition ability for partially erased letters 27.01.2013
Technologies, texts and affordances 27.01.2013
Non-programmers identifying functionality in unfamiliar code: strategies and barriers 27.01.2013
bibliography 21.01.2008
Bibliography List
Nick Collins PhD 21.01.2008
TopLap 21.01.2008
Improvisation 21.01.2008
Collaborative Programming 21.01.2008
Natural language programming of agents and robotic devices 28.01.2013
Liveness: performance in a mediatized culture 22.01.2013
Semiotics: the basics 22.01.2013
Languages of Art. An Approach to a Theory of Symbols 22.01.2013
Sprachen der Kunst 22.01.2013
Free Hardware Design - Past, Present, Future 21.01.2008
Geek culture: The 3rd Counter-Culture 21.01.2008
holiday destinations summer 2006 09.09.2006
do sinusoids dream of electric sweeps? 07.04.2015
IOhannes m zmölnig 18.11.2013
pointillism 14.11.2012
impressum 04.04.2006
Bibliographieordner für doppelte Literatureinträge
Pending Duplicate Bibliography Entries 21.01.2008
Ectodermal Ways @ [prologue] new feminism/new europe 18.04.2016
pointillism at ICMC2013 12.08.2013
Linux Audio Conference 2013 04.05.2013
pointillism at algorave 20.04.2013
Art's Birthday 2013 16.01.2013
pointillism- (rehearsal screencast 2012-11-15) 21.11.2012
projects 04.04.2006
pics 09.08.2016
news 18.09.2006
projects 21.04.2006
pointillism 14.11.2012
row_full.avi 11.01.2013
row_short.avi 11.01.2013
Code As Performance Interface - A Case Study 21.01.2008
Patching music together - presentation 06.09.2007
From Cards to Code: How Extreme Programming Re-Embodies Programming as a Collective Practice 21.01.2008
pointillism.png 09.08.2016
pointillism.png 25.10.2013
ana0_3.png 04.01.2013
ana0_2.png 04.01.2013
ana0_1.png 04.01.2013
Signs and things 27.01.2013
else if – Live Coding, Strategien später Entscheidung 21.01.2008
Zehn Thesen zur Softwarekunst 21.01.2008
Live Algorithm Programming and a Temporary Organisation for its Promotion 21.01.2008
Inventer des Instruments 14.03.2009
Grundlagen des natürlichen Systems der Musikinstrumente 09.03.2008
iDAB (infinite Drum And Bass) 21.01.2008
A flexible environment for music composition in non-European contexts 21.01.2008
Improvisation: methods and models 21.01.2008
Purloined letters and distributed persons 28.01.2013
Code scanning patterns in program comprehension 28.01.2013
Reflection in Pure Data 27.01.2013
Visualisation of live code 23.01.2013
Gem for pd - recent progress 04.07.2012
panopticlick 24.07.2013
exTofita home-page 04.04.2006
repository 15.07.2009
video streams powered by murspace.net 06.05.2009
IP over Semaphore Flag Signals 29.10.2007
GStreamer application development manual (0.10.22) 14.03.2009
Masterthese, Diplomarbeit etc.
Improvising with Synthesised Vocables, with Analysis Towards Computational Creativity 17.10.2008
Interpretive Practice in Laptop Performance 21.01.2008
Computational models of musical meter recognition 21.01.2008
Trancendence: An artificial life approach to the synthesis of music 21.01.2008
Generating rhythmic patterns: A combined neural and evolutionary approach 21.01.2008
plone upgrade 26.01.2010
site-restructuring 04.04.2006
PDFs 21.01.2008
PhD These, Doktorarbeit etc.
Towards Autonomous Agents for Live Computer Music: Realtime Machine Listening and Interactive Music Systems 17.10.2008
Digital Lutherie: Crafting Musical Computers for New Musics' Performance and Improvisation 21.01.2008
Creating Music by Listening 21.01.2008
Data-driven Concatenative Sound Synthesis 21.01.2008
Techniques for the Automated Analysis of Musical Audio 21.01.2008
Technischer Bericht
Normal equal-loudness-level contours 21.01.2008
Beat induction and rhythm analysis for live audio processing: 1st year PhD report 21.01.2008
Hang the DJ: Automatic sequencing and seamless mixing of dance-music tracks 21.01.2008
Intelligenter Ordner
Olds 18.09.2006
online depot of nap + forum::für::umläute 04.01.2013
Projects 06.01.2007
Unveröffentlicher Beitrag
blind date 21.01.2008
Live coding practice 21.01.2008
Piet 28.01.2013
Quoth 28.01.2013
Powerbooks Unplugged 21.01.2008
GStreamer: open source multimedia framework 14.03.2009
PidiP Is Definitely In Pieces 14.03.2009
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