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Article Reference
Towards a semiotic inquiry into the television message 2013-01-28
Artistic Considerations in the Use of Motion Tracking with Live Performers: a Practical Guide 2013-01-28
Human visual recognition ability for partially erased letters 2013-01-27
Technologies, texts and affordances 2013-01-27
Non-programmers identifying functionality in unfamiliar code: strategies and barriers 2013-01-27
Bibliography Folder
bibliography 2008-01-21
Bibliography List
Nick Collins PhD 2008-01-21
TopLap 2008-01-21
Improvisation 2008-01-21
Collaborative Programming 2008-01-21
Book Reference
Natural language programming of agents and robotic devices 2013-01-28
Liveness: performance in a mediatized culture 2013-01-22
Semiotics: the basics 2013-01-22
Languages of Art. An Approach to a Theory of Symbols 2013-01-22
Sprachen der Kunst 2013-01-22
Conference Reference
Free Hardware Design - Past, Present, Future 2008-01-21
Geek culture: The 3rd Counter-Culture 2008-01-21
impressum 2006-04-04
zweigang 2006-04-21
schwimmen 2002-01-06
>frauen< >arbeit< >alter< 2006-04-10
+- 2007-01-06
Duplicates Bibliography Folder
Pending Duplicate Bibliography Entries 2008-01-21
Ectodermal Ways @ [prologue] new feminism/new europe 2016-04-18
pointillism at ICMC2013 2013-08-12
Linux Audio Conference 2013 2013-05-04
pointillism at algorave 2013-04-20
Art's Birthday 2013 2013-01-16
pointillism- (rehearsal screencast 2012-11-15) 2012-11-21
Akustischer Stuhl 2005-02-02
Die Seppeln 2007-06-19
Biografie 2020-12-28
projects 2006-04-04
Talking the Fish 2006-06-15
row_full.avi 2013-01-11
row_short.avi 2013-01-11
Code As Performance Interface - A Case Study 2008-01-21
Patching music together - presentation 2007-09-06
From Cards to Code: How Extreme Programming Re-Embodies Programming as a Collective Practice 2008-01-21
the champions 2020-12-28
extofita 2020-12-26
Do sinusoids dream of electric sweeps? 2020-12-26
pointillism.png 2016-08-09
pointillism.png 2013-10-25
Inbook Reference
Signs and things 2013-01-27
else if – Live Coding, Strategien später Entscheidung 2008-01-21
Zehn Thesen zur Softwarekunst 2008-01-21
Live Algorithm Programming and a Temporary Organisation for its Promotion 2008-01-21
Incollection Reference
Inventer des Instruments 2009-03-14
Grundlagen des natürlichen Systems der Musikinstrumente 2008-03-09
iDAB (infinite Drum And Bass) 2008-01-21
A flexible environment for music composition in non-European contexts 2008-01-21
Improvisation: methods and models 2008-01-21
Inproceedings Reference
Purloined letters and distributed persons 2013-01-28
Code scanning patterns in program comprehension 2013-01-28
Reflection in Pure Data 2013-01-27
Visualisation of live code 2013-01-23
Gem for pd - recent progress 2012-07-04
exTofita home-page 2006-04-04
panopticlick 2013-07-24
repository 2009-07-15
video streams powered by 2009-05-06
IP over Semaphore Flag Signals 2007-10-29
Manual Reference
GStreamer application development manual (0.10.22) 2009-03-14
Mastersthesis Reference
Improvising with Synthesised Vocables, with Analysis Towards Computational Creativity 2008-10-17
Interpretive Practice in Laptop Performance 2008-01-21
Computational models of musical meter recognition 2008-01-21
Trancendence: An artificial life approach to the synthesis of music 2008-01-21
Generating rhythmic patterns: A combined neural and evolutionary approach 2008-01-21
News Item
plone upgrade 2010-01-26
site-restructuring 2006-04-04
PDF Folder
PDFs 2008-01-21
Phdthesis Reference
Towards Autonomous Agents for Live Computer Music: Realtime Machine Listening and Interactive Music Systems 2008-10-17
Digital Lutherie: Crafting Musical Computers for New Musics' Performance and Improvisation 2008-01-21
Creating Music by Listening 2008-01-21
Data-driven Concatenative Sound Synthesis 2008-01-21
Techniques for the Automated Analysis of Musical Audio 2008-01-21
Techreport Reference
Normal equal-loudness-level contours 2008-01-21
Beat induction and rhythm analysis for live audio processing: 1st year PhD report 2008-01-21
Hang the DJ: Automatic sequencing and seamless mixing of dance-music tracks 2008-01-21
Smart Folder
naprojects 2022-10-09
Kunst im öffentlichen Raum 2021-01-02
lectures 2020-12-28
Arbeiten von nicole pruckermayr 2020-12-28
Publikationen 2020-12-28
Unpublished Reference
blind date 2008-01-21
Live coding practice 2008-01-21
Webpublished Reference
Piet 2013-01-28
Quoth 2013-01-28
Powerbooks Unplugged 2008-01-21
GStreamer: open source multimedia framework 2009-03-14
PidiP Is Definitely In Pieces 2009-03-14
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