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do sinusoids dream of electric sweeps?

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a live-coding performance with self-modifying code

Was Conference Performance Concert
Wann 04.12.2008 11:00 bis
07.12.2008 23:00
Wo Bergen, NO
Teilnehmer IOhannes m zmölnig, et al.
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"do sinusoids dream of electric sweeps" is a live-coding performance done in pure-data. it relies heavily on self-modifying Pd-patches that interact in an agent-like fashion.

these agents (aka: patches) can do weird things like:

  • move around
  • find out about other agents in their neighbourhood
  • connect to their neighbours
  • exchange data with their neighbours

the human has to do the chores:

  • create new agents
  • tell agents to make good music by writing their generative code
  • tell agents to behave properly by changing their interaction code
  • hook up individual agents up with other agents by bringing them into physical proximity
  • dissolve (political?) assemblies of the agents by moving them further apart and in extreme cases by eradicating individual agents

the acoustic output is somehwat limited to sine-waves.

the visual output is a Pd-patch going crazy.

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