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Audio-visual concert for piano and computers


nervUP has been performed by Se-Lien Chuang (piano, audiovisual interaction) and forum::für::umläute + nap (audio, video, computer) as "Cross-over" at the v:nm-festival on the 30.05.2003.

nervUP makes the audio-visual interaction, created by a multi-level communication between piano and computer, explicit. A total of 4+1GUI computer are separated into audio-, video- and control-machines, and establish bijective links of communication. The audience is analysed via surveillance cameras. A piano and oscillators displaced on the surface of a hemisphere are examined for their sound qualities. These parameters control and modulate animated parts of a virtual brain as well as their relation to the examining, observing eye. The artistic interpretation implies a pathological process of the nervous system of our main organ – the brain.

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