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Two places, Austria/Styria/Graz and Slovenia/Prekmurje/Središče, have been separated by political and social borders for years. In the project "melted", the two places form a new virtual unity, a new space for informal intercommunication, unencumbered by political demarcations.

Both places are mapped by cinematic means of single frame shots. These single frame shots are like picture postcards, like a conglomeration of the landscape at both sides. The same number of single frame shots is taken from each place. These iconographic images are then sorted to find best matching pairs of similar motives: a landscape in Slovenia is paired with a sister landscape in Austria and vice versa. Thesenew-found landscape twinnings are then slowly cross-faded, the two places are melted into a new one.

The resulting video is a volatile oscillation between Austria and Slovenia, urban and rural areas.

Based on postcard-motives, new alliances emerge and form new spaces.

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this project is part of connected 05

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