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forum::für::umläute Nicole Pruckermayr & IOhannes m zmölnig

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Media & Net Artist

works and lives in Graz

IOhannes m zmoelnig



  • 1998-... founder of forum::für::umläute
  • 1998-... collaboration with Nicole Pruckermayr
  • 2000-... Developer and Maintainer of various Opensource-Projects in Media-Arts (pure-data, Gem.)
  • 2003-... research assistant and lecturer at the IEM
  • 2004 organisation of the first international pd~convention in Graz (Sept./Oct. 2004) together with the pd~graz community
  • 2005-... co-founder and president of pd-graz, a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of the open source realtime computer music system "pure data"
  • 2005-... co-founder of the electronic music label "pd~"
  • 2005 technical director of ncc05 - the netart community congress
  • 2006-... treasurer (since 2008: vice-president) of mur.at, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of NetWorkArt


various workshops, lectures exhibitions, performances, radio-broadcasts and concerts in Europe and North America; see projects


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